=== August 26, 2008 ===
--- OliveTree.com BibleReader for iPhone

Those of you who know me through church will recall that for quite some time I've had a Bible on my cell phone. Or if you didn't know that, perhaps you thought I just like to send text messages during sermons ;)

Every once in a while someone asks me how I got a Bible on my phone. Well, I'll tell you: I'm using OliveTree.com's BibleReader app. I've been using their BibleReader app since way back (several cell phones ago) when I started using Windows Mobile. I've checked out other Bible apps, but none really match up. Anyway, ever since I got an iPhone last year, the one thing I've been really upset about not having is OliveTree's BibleReader. Sure, I found a way to get the NLT on my iPhone using an ebook reader app, but it's just not the same.

Well they finally released BibleReader for iPhone, and boy am I a happy camper! It works very well, and is very helpful for my Bible study time or for reference during sermons. I find myself constantly flipping between commentaries, references, and different versions. And best of all, BibleReader makes it so easy to switch between the different 'books' without losing your spot. Plus, the search feature and the verse navigator feature are excellent implementations on the iPhone. One other feature that seems to be unique (on the iPhone) to BibleReader is that it has 'continuous' scrolling. That means I don't have to back out of the chapter or book I'm in to continue reading when I get to the end. I can just keep scrolling down. Fantastic!

Our young adult ministry leader just got an iPhone a week or two ago, and he was asking what Bible software I use on my iPhone. I had just installed BibleReader so I told him about it. He's already been using BibleReader on his Windows Mobile device, so he was excited to hear about it for the iPhone. He purchased the ESV bundle right then and there.

As you can probably tell by now, I highly recommend this software. It's very easy to use, and works well on the iPhone. I've been a bit of a stalker of OliveTree since before the AppStore was announced. I even emailed them a long time ago to ask if there was any iPhone BibleReader in development. At the time there wasn't, but it has all been worth the wait. Thanks, OliveTree!

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